World Sickle Cell Day

Awareness and action will change a curative into a cure!

Globally, Surge Sickle Cell Travel Arrangement Info:

Do you know where Sickle Cell is ranked in the world under concerns?

How about a negative number between -1 and infinity!!!

Our Sickle Cell Community MUST take control of our own destiny for the lives of those diagnosed and ALL who live the "Sickle Cell Experience!!!"

There is a way that those who care about Sickle Cell can come forward and support!

Globally, everyone do what you regularly do regarding travel plans, just do it through our sickle cell website!   Then designate where you want a donation to go to without you coming out of your pocket any extra amount!

What a great gift this is for everyone to have the ability to set up a FREE Sickle Cell Travel Customer account! This will give Sickle Cell Families and Supporters access to more than 400,000 hotels and resorts, discounts on activities and excursions, cruises, weekly resort stays and so much more!

You see, I have a vision to set Sickle Cell Financially Free, globally!!!

Also, we're asking each Sickle Cell Organization, Partner and others globally to put the Sickle Cell Travel links and info on every website!  

Now everyone can do what they normally do making travel arrangements even better at our site, save, and support Sickle Cell!!!


Sickle Cell Travel Arrangement website:

Nita Thompson



Surge Sickle Cell Business Associates Membership Site:

Nita Thompson


Share this with everyone you know!  Ask everyone you know to do what they normally do when finding their lowest fares, then check out our Surge Sickle Cell site!

With each purchase, 1/3 of our commission of the client's choice, will go to a specific Sickle Cell organization (grassroots, for profit or non profit), or go into a nonrestrictive fund!

I thought we don't have to beg for funds, we could do it ourselves and ask others to assist by doing what we do normally, just on our site!  Everyone could help us help ourselves, without coming out of pockets any extra amounts!!!

If you want to do this for yourself, or an organization, please see info below:

Surge Sickle Cell Business Associates Membership Site:

ALSO, every Monday at 4 p.m. PST & Wednesday at 7 p.m. PST the travel membership presentation/webinar!  Download the Join Me app.  Please log on 15 mins early so you don't miss anything: 

Join.Me/surge365ToFreedom2015 for audio dial 213-226-1066 pin number 714-545-836#.

Please join me to Surge Sickle Cell, so those diagnosed can live their best life!!! 

Thank you!

Nita T.