World Sickle Cell Day

Awareness and action will change a curative into a cure!

Suggested Activities

June 19, World Sickle Cell Day (WSCD) Awareness Campaign

June 19 World Sickle Cell Day

Here are some suggested WSCD Awareness activities you can do to acknowledge the June 19th UN resolution “recognition of sickle-cell anemia as a public health problem!”  


Small Scale ~ Not Much Planning

Blood Drives (Hospital or in the community)

Marrow Registration Drives (Hospital or in the community)

Balloon Releases

Butterfly Releases

General conversations with people

Memorial Activities

SC Awareness Surveys or Questionnaires

Share the UN Resolution in a newspaper or read it out loud

Educate people that SC is in every race


Here is a short and easy announcement that can be made over the PA system in the hospital, and other venues:


Public Service Announcement (PSA):  Today, June 19, is World Sickle Cell Day!!!  This day is for Sickle Cell Awareness, because it is a global public health problem.  You can help by learning more, knowing if you have the trait, donating blood, and becoming a bone marrow donor or sharing about donating newborns cord blood to a public bank!



Medium Scale ~ Planning


Assembled Meetings

Awareness Events

A March

Worship Services



A press conference with 4 areas of focus:

1.     Trait awareness

2.     Increasing funding to develop more adult comprehensive treatment programs

3.     Increasing awareness on blood, bone marrow and cord blood donations

4.     Raising needed funds to purchase medical equipment for developing countries (electrophoresis machines, supplies, beds, etc.)



Large Scale ~ Much Planning


Comedy Clubs presenting: “Laughing in Crisis!”  

Awareness Benefit Concerts

Fundraiser Activities


A Sickle Cell World Day (WSCD) Festival that will feature food/non-food vending, performances and presentations, and enlist locally based or invited entertainers and athletes to participate as well.


More WSCD suggestive activities:

1) If you want to start a quilt made out of colored card stock cut into 4 equal pieces, markers & color pencils, stickers, etc., that is what we started for an online quilt project. People write messages, draw pictures, give hopeful messages, etc.  It's fun, creative @ everyone can do it!  You can find pic examples on the web site!

2) Bean bag toss I call "Luck of the Draw" that is a tool used to see the chance of someone being born with SCT/SCD or not.  You make a blue and pink bean bag.  You have a person stand with their back towards a card/wooden board square.  Spin them around twice place them back to the position with their back to the card board and have them toss both bean bags over their head and see where it lands.  You can even have someone move the board around.

What it shows is purely it is the luck of the draw~ lack of control about, what their child might be born with.

You can make several boards, front and back to show the pundents square.  You can make it anyway you want to

3) There is also an education wheel you can make.  You can have it made out of wood or purchase one.  You can find the wooden model online  You can create questions to ask, and each person can answer one or some.  You can give a prize or prizes depending on the correct number of correct answers!

There are many more suggested ideas, if you care to share please do!!!