World Sickle Cell Day

Awareness and action will change a curative into a cure!

World Sickle Cell Day  2014 ~ Global Activities

The WSCD 2014 theme: 

Sickle Cell is in every race, that's why it's cell-a-brated all over the place!


I just wanted to share that for World Sickle Cell Day I'm having a social media campaign where people can post anything they want and tag it to #sicklestrength.


Nike Oyelola


Here's the details:


World Sickle Cell Day: Show your strength

Sickle the Cycle presents...

Paint the Internet Red Campaign: Show your Strength

What to do:

On June 19th- 26th (World Sickle Cell Day) make a post about sickle cell disease on any social media platform

What to post:

- facts on sickle cell disease

- you and/or your affiliation's support of sickle cell

- any images related to sickle cell

- videos of day in life of a sickle cell patient or what a pain crisis is like

- pictures of families and patients with sickle cell

*** Select posts will be featured in a surprise event

* make sure to tag #sicklestrength, #sicklethecycle, @sicklethecycle and you or your organization

Let's sickle the cycle so the cycle can't sickle our cells!




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Check out the blog post 'Combating Sickle Cell Disease with Cord Blood Stem Cells'

Blog post added by TheBlackList-Publisher: June 19 is designated as World Sickle Cell Day. The international observance provides an opportunity to heighten awareness of the formidable.

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 Nairobi Kenya


My name is Dominich George Orimba, and am humble to share what I did on that wonderful day, of World Sickle Cell Day.  It was a chilly morning here in Nairobi, Kenya so I rang to my friends and we hooked up at my Step Brothers house and shared our testimonies, confirmed each other if we indeed follow our daily precautions, then we watched a movie and called it a day!   Regard to the disorder it was a day well spent.


I intend to give a talk on Sickle cell as part of activities marking this year's world sickle cell day.

Best regards,
Dr Obinna I.
Haematology dept.
University of Benin Teaching Hospital.
Edo State, Nigeria.



My name is Revee Agyepong, I am the outreach coordinator for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta. I am contacting SCDA to inform you guys of what we are doing for World Sickle Cell Day! In Edmonton AB Canada the Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta is having an education day and bbq! We will be beginning our day with an annual general meeting, followed by educational segments, inspirational speakers and then food, mingling and games! We are trying to show Edmonton that Sickle Cell disease is in our community and that we have a voice! 
Hope you have an amazing World Sickle Cell Day! 


Revee Agyepong 
Outreach Coordinator 
Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta





World Sickle Cell Day Conference   Date: Saturday, June 21st 2014

Time:             11:00 am to 6:00 pm Venue:          

Holiday Inn Toronto Yorkdale, 3450 Dufferin Street, Toronto M6A 2V1             

Cost:              $35 per person                      

Online Registration:





Calicut, Kerala,

19th June Thursday. World Sickle Cell Day

Anti-Pain Rally on 21st June 2014 Saturday at Calicut.

Blood Patients’ Protection council (BPPC) will organize an Anti-Pain Rally of blood disorder patients like Sickle cell Anemia, Thalassemia, Hemophilia and Leukemia and their parents on 21st June 2014 at Medical College hospital, Calicut, Kerala, India. The Rally is planned in the part of World sickle Cell Day (19th June 2014) observance program.

Kareem Karassery
Gen. Convener,
Blood Patients’ Protection Council (BPPC) Kerala,India
Phoenix Sailam
Kerala, India



Kozhikkode. Blood Patients’ Protection Council (BPPC), Kerala, India, organized an Anti-Pain Rally on 21st June 2014 in the part of world sickle cell Day observance program. Even though incessant rain, many patients like Sickle cell disease and Thalassemia affected patients and their families participated in the rally. They raised slogans for life saving drug, safe blood, and expert treatment for blood disorder patients. They also demanded for pension scheme, disability rights, special housing schemes and job reservation to all poor chronic blood disorder patients like sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia and Hemophilia patients. BPPC also demanded to immediate implementation of 11 point demands raised by the blood patients in the fasting strike which had organized in the day of world sickle cell Day 2011observance program. An awareness brochure related to the prevention of Sickle cell disease also distributed to the families of blood disorder patients and public.

                  Kareem Karassery, Gen. Convener of BPPC, inaugurated the rally. M. Muhammed Ershad, chairman of the organizing committee presided over the function. A.P.Abdul Nazeer,P.Aboobacker,veeran kutty kandengil also spoke.

           K.C.Ashraf welcomed the gathering. Vailankara Abdu Rahman proposed the vote of thanks.

   M.Shahul hameed,Ummer Ali,Althaf,Ajfal and Jobin Mathew led the Rally.

Kareem Karassery

Gen.Convener,BPPC KERALA




On the occasion of World Sickle Cell Day Celebration patients & families a get together was arranged.  Two booklets on local language were released on Sickle Cell Trait all you want to know & Sickle Cell Disease a brief review.  More than 50 families gathered for the function.

An article on SCD centre of excellence its need for the hour is sent for publication in local dailies, to be published on the 19 th!

The programme highlighted Newborn screening & PND for SCD .


Thanking you,

Dr A V Shrikhande



Newspaper release of Programme of IGGMC








Los Angeles

We are celebrating World Sickle Cell Day on June 19, 9AM-4:PM activities (3:15 last blood donor)  at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Blood Donor Center.  8700 Beverly Blvd. South Tower, Street Level, Room 1690. Los Angeles, CA 90048.

We will have drawings for cool prizes, tshirts and educational material for donors.

We are inviting sickle cell patients and hemonc physicians to educate the public.

We will be promoting our blood buddy program during our blood drive!  Come out and donate, if you can! 




At (Children's Hospital Los Angeles CHLA) we are giving a short quiz to all patients in clinic/hospital regarding basic facts about SCD.  They are to turn their answers into the Hope Resource Center and they will get the correct answers and a bottle of water with WSCD and a website to check out.  Their name will be entered into a drawing and there will be a drawing at the end of the day and that person will get a prize!







We at the Sickle Cell Comprehensive Care Center at Miami Children’s Hospital are hosting the Strikes Against Sickle Cell Fundraiser in Miami. It will take place on World Sickle Cell Day 2014 from 6-8 pm at Splitsville. The Bowl-A-Thon is open to the general public and anyone wanting to bowl/play pool can do so for a minimum donation of $25. There are also opportunities for sponsoring lanes, billiard tables and bowlers if anyone is unable to attend.  

To view our flyer, please go to the photo page, WSCD 2014 Miami FL.  The funds raised will benefit the Miami Children’s Hospital Sickle Cell Comprehensive Care Center.  

Thank you,

Nicole Ashley Gonzalez, Secretary

Miami Children’s Hospital – Cancer Center

Sickle Cell & Neuro-Oncology Comprehensive Care Centers

Division of Hematology-Oncology
Direct #: 786-624-4976

Fax #: 786-624-4538





World Sickle Cell Day Health Fair for Patients/Families June 19th, 2014

6:30pm-8:30pm McClung Park Indoor Pavilion Jefferson City, MO

Topics: Iron Overload, Healthy Eating Home Health Pharmacy-Desferal Injection

Social Worker-Dream Factory applications Meet Adult Sickle Cell Team

American Red Cross Charles Drew Program