World Sickle Cell Day

Awareness and action will change a curative into a cure!

World Sickle Cell Day  2012 ~ Global Activities

Los Angeles

For Immediate Release: May 8, 2012

Contact: Nita Thompson or (323) 750-1087







WHAT: A United Nations resolution made June 19 World Sickle Cell Day, to promote awareness because “Sickle Cell is a Global Health Problem!”  The African American Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Registry for Sickle Cell Disease Awareness and Friends will cell-a-brate while bring awareness to our So Cal Community.


WHEN: Saturday, June 16, 2012 from 11A.M. – 3 P.M.


WHERE: LRH Community Center Auditorium, [8039 S. Vermont, Los Angeles CA 90044]


THEME: Unity = Strength + Collaboration = Global Success! 


WHY: Sickle Cell (SC) disease and trait are growing in California!  It’s estimated by 2013 Latinos will outnumber African Americans and Blacks treated in hospitals for SC.  Also CA has the lowest SC life expectancy out of the nation!  These facts added to the information presented at the 2012 CA Blood Bank Society Annual Meeting, makes it an issue to bring to the attention of everyone for awareness and assistance.


We invite:


All Persons Diagnosed, Families and Supporters.


All SoCal Sickle Cell Originations:  We request that one or two members from each organization be present to speak directly to the attendees about your organization, what you do, etc.; and to assist us put this event on.  SoCal has the oldest Sickle Cell Origination in the Nation, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California (SCDFC).  All SC organizations are struggling to stay afloat and many in other states have closed.  Sickle Cell disease is the most under served disease and its organizations are the most under supported!

Churches and Groups:  We request one representative from your Administration or Health Committee / Ministry to attend as well as a commitment from at least two of your members one to donate blood and one to register as a marrow donor.

Medical/ER Facilities:  We request one Administrator, Head/ER Dr and Nurse.  Meet peers, and persons diagnosed to dispel the opinions & rumors, replacing with the facts and updated services.

Educators:  We request that at least one Special Education staff member from each SoCal school district attend, so you can take back what you learn to share with your fellow educators.  Educating some children diagnosed with Sickle Cell can lead to misunderstandings and school challenges.

Local and National Officials and Representatives:  We request you or a staff member be present.  We need our leaders to know about “The State of Sickle Cell,” your assistance, and representation for policy change.

Media:  We request that your news department team member(s) be present.  We need your help get the word out about “The State of Sickle Cell”.

The public at large: We request that you join us to learn the truth about sickle cell, blood and marrow/stem cell and cord blood donations.  We need you and what is in you to help to save lives!


Our enormous request is for everyone who can, to donate your life saving blood and register your marrow to cure someone within your same genetic make-up / race that is diagnosed with Sickle Cell, and other blood diseases.  The silence about Sickle Cell has lead to the ignoring of Sickle Cell.  This must change.  Become aware and help save lives.  Contact Nita Thompson at or (323) 750-1087 to register for this event and to sign up to donate blood.  We look forward to your presence and participation in World Sickle Cell Day 2012.

Baltimore, MD

June 23 (Saturday)

Sashay For Sickle Cell Fundraiser Fashion Show

Organized by Miracle Bishop

Doors open at 5:00 PM

Johns Hopkins Hospital Turner Pre-function Area

720 Rutland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


ATTENTION ALL PATIENTS, friends & family members!!!


In honor of World Sickle Cell Day we are putting together a fundraiser fashion show on June 23, 2012 to not only raise money but also awareness toward

Sickle Cell Disease.


All proceeds collected will go to pediatric & adult patient care at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Anyone ages 7-11 and any adults interested in participating are invited to model or volunteer.

Donations also accepted.



Miracle @ 443.850.5292 or

Joy @ 443.651.3555


No requirements needed... just fun, energetic & ready to help bring support to Sickle Cell Awareness